Our 2020 Sponsors

Headline Partner

Joining us on each Cyclist Big Ride as headline sponsor are Wahoo, the global leaders in GPS cycling computers and smart training products. In addition to providing Wahooligan ride leaders and special challenges and prizes along the way, Cyclist Big Ride guests will be able to try out their very own ELEMNT ROAM GPS bike computer at every Big Ride.

ELEMNT ROAM is designed for those who view each ride as a new adventure. It combines the simple Companion App set up ELEMNT bike computers are known for with powerful on-board smart navigation features, a crystal clear 2.7" color display, long lasting battery, and an integrated mount design. Now it's easier than every to stay on course longer and explore further.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Wahoo has created a full ecosystem of sensors and devices for runners, cyclists and general fitness enthusiasts. Wahoo’s award-winning line of products include the KICKR family of smart trainers and accessories, the ELEMNT family of bike computers and the TICKR family of heart rate monitors. Learn more about Wahoo’s full line of products and apps at www.wahoofitness.com.

Route Partner

Introducing komoot

Komoot is a unique route planning and navigation app used by over 9.5 million outdoors enthusiasts and inspires and enables great cycling adventures. The personalized planning and navigation tools ensure you plan the route that’s perfect for you.

Sport-specific routing
Komoot doesn't just plan any route, it plans your route. Select the road cycling sport type, your start and end points, and komoot will plot a route using the great roads suitable for you and your bike.
Detailed route profiles
The route profile displays the information you want to see, like the surface type and elevation profile. That means you can anticipate the big climbs and ensure your ride only includes tarmac, unless you want to spice it up with some compacted gravel or singletrack by using another of komoot cycling sport types.
Recommendations from local cyclists in the area, be they a great cafe, an awesome stretch of road, or a well-stocked shop, appear on the map as Highlights — large red dots with a bicycle for popular Highlights with lots of additional information and images, or small red dots for Highlights that have fewer comments and images. The size of the dot doesn’t necessarily correspond to the quality of the Highlight in real life.
Save planned routes offline and use komoots offline turn by turn and voice navigation so you can adventure in the wild without worrying about getting signal, or your battery dying and focus on your ride without missing a turn. No GPS device is needed, you can use your smartphone to navigate and re-route as you go. Or komoot is integrated with Garmin and Wahoo for data syncing over their proprietary Smartphone apps.
Create your own Highlights. Save special places or segments of the ride that you think other cyclists would want to know about. Upload pictures of your route and Highlights that showcase their awesomeness. 

About Komoot

Komoot empowers, enables and inspires people to explore more of the great outdoors. With its smart route planner, tips from other users, turn-by-turn voice navigation and inspirational content, it has become the outdoor app of choice for over 9.5 Million people all over the world. Komoot is home to the largest digital group of outdoor experts in Europe. For the more adventurous outdoor enthusiast and cyclist, komoot recently launched a premium version aimed at those among its community who wish to ‘go further’. Komoot Premium has advanced features such as dynamic, on-Tour weather forecasting, a multi-day Tour planner and sports-specific maps.

Event Partners